2017 Nominees

And so it’s that time of year again, as we introduce you to this year’s nominees for The Golden Blasters and what a line up we have, these eight films have been selected from a multitude of entries from across the globe.  from Spain, we watch as two children work out the practical effects of theoretical physics while from Scotland a lone scientist is driven slowly mad as he works on a forgotten experiment. From Ireland, as a DJ struggles to find a listenership in a post-apocalyptic landscape to Australia where a plumber discovers once glimpsed,  you cannot escape your fate.

Writer/ Director Olga Osorio

United States
Writer/ Director Michael Wright

The Onlookers
Writer/ Director Jason Albury

United States
Director Larry McKee
Writer Robert Jauregui

Dead Air
Republic of Ireland
Directed By Emmet O Brien
Written by Niall Duggan/Emmet O Brien

After We Have Left Our Homes.
Great Britain
Writer/Director Marc Adamson

They’re Made Out Of Meat
Great Britain
Directed By Jason Housecroft
Written by Tim McGill
Based on the short story by Terry Bisson

Great Britain
Directed By John Lynch
Written By  Jon Williams-Nobbs/John Lynch

Who will win and take home this year’s Golden Blaster? And don’t forget, you the audience get to have your say by voting for the Silver Blaster for audience favourite. So dim the lights, get the popcorn because on Sunday we’re going to the movies. See you there!